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||Ava and Leo|| attentionaddiction


No matter how hard she tried, Ava just couldn’t ever find the right guy. She looked, and looked, and looked. One day, while she was out in the park, she accidentally bumped into someone. "O-oh! Sorry!" She said to the male, waving her hand in apology.


Leo looked up at her, surprised. He had just been walking to his home when she bumped into him. He shook his head quickly when he finally sorted through what happened, giving her a little smile to reassure her things were fine.

Undercover AU | closed for attentionaddiction


Lovino figured that he would see the picture regardless of his answer and peered intently at it. He raised a brow at first, then furrowed his brows to focus more on it. “Huh…It looks a little creepy, but I find it more weird.” Nothing really scared him as much anymore due to his line of work. Only one thing could truly get him to lose his head, while anything else was either mildly startling or just plain strange.

"Yeah, it is pretty weird. I mean, you’d think you’d smell it, right? It doesn’t look very decomposed, though, but it’s sort of blurry so I guess you can’t tell. It looks pretty bloated, and that means it has to have been dead for a bit of time…" She knew some things about dead bodies. She had done a bit of side research when she had started her job. That… and sometimes she just got lost on Wikipedia.

Helena sleepily raised her head, yawning tiredly. She and Eli had only been friends for just a few months, but they were close. She had invited him over to watch movies, but… things were a bit different. They had scooted closer to each other than usual, had become more relaxed… before she knew it, his head was resting on her lap and he was fast asleep. She wasn’t blushing. Of course not.

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{ so what if roleplayers promote themselves

so what if roleplayers have an fc for their mun

so what if roleplayers don’t like to rp with certain people

so what if roleplayers like to make their posts  l o o k  all ƒαηcу

so what if roleplayers keep their text normal or make it really small

so what if roleplayers don’t  do the same thing as you

we’re all friends here so pretty please don’t tell other people what they should do with their blog (◡‿◡✿) }

[remind me that i can’t mention i like tfios now because tumblr has deemed it as uncool]

amber heard + bruised and battered (part two)